• If you have completed one or more college courses after your high school graduation, 你将以转学生的身份申请.
  • If you have completed an associate’s degree from a Washington, 俄勒冈州, or California regionally accredited university or two-year college, your degree may fulfill Common and Exploratory Curriculum requirements. 看看你是否有 直接转移度.
如果你想... 第一年申请截止日期 转学申请截止日期
2024年秋季 (提早行动)* 2023年12月1日 2024年4月1日
2024年秋季 (常规扩展) 2024年2月15日 2024年7月1日
2024年冬季季 2023年11月15日 2023年11月15日
2024年春季 2024年2月1日 2024年2月1日

*Early Action applicants will receive priority financial aid consideration, 申请费用减免, 还有快速的录取决定.


“我很快学会了欣赏小的东西, 更多的包含, more personal feeling of SPU both inside and outside classes, especially when compared to the sprawling campuses and inner cities of the UW.”


Thank you for your interest in pursuing an undergraduate degree at 好的赌博软件推荐. 赌博十大靠谱软件期待着审核您的申请. We will be in communication with you within one week to let you know the next steps in your application process.

如果你申请的是通用申请, you can check the status of your SPU application beginning 提交后两天. 在你的申请被处理之后, you will receive an email (sent to the address you provided on your application) with instructions on creating your account. You will be directed to a login screen and will be prompted to enter the email address that you used for your application. If you have forgotten your account password, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot Your Password?".


  1. 要查看您的SPU申请进度,请 登录SPU Portal.
  2. 一旦你登录到你的状态页面, you will be able to view information about your application and update basic contact information.
  3. 您将能够查看您的应用程序清单. 下面你会看到:
    • 所有已收到及处理的项目*
    • Any required items that have not been received or processed yet
  4. 当您的应用程序完成时将显示一条消息.

*If you’ve submitted an item that isn’t listed, it is likely still being processed. Please note that it can take 2-4 weeks for test scores to be received and processed by our office.

Don't fill out the Common Application or SPU Application twice!

如果你曾经申请过SPU, 或者你是否曾经作为一名被录取的学生就读于SPU, you do not have to fill out the SPU Application or Common Application again! 相反,你可以 在这里申请. 这是一个简单的, shorter application that tells us what you have been up to since you last applied for or attended SPU.



  1. Completed an SPU application or Common Application in the past, and are looking to reapply to 好的赌博软件推荐 for the next academic year.*
  2. Formerly completed coursework at SPU as a matriculated student, 但已经四个季度或更长时间没有在斯坦福大学注册, 包括暑期.**

如果您不符合这些选项中的任何一个, 仍然可以通过“SPU申请”申请SPU.

*Admitted students who wish to change the quarter in which they plan to enroll within the same academic year as their original application, please request a Quarter Change from 本科招生办公室.

** Reapplication is only required for SPU students who have been separated from SPU for four quarters or more, 包括暑期. 如果你离开的时间不超过三个季度, 请与注册办公室合作重新注册.



  • 用这张缩短的申请表重新申请入学
  • Official transcripts of coursework you have completed since you last applied to/attended SPU.
  • Final high school transcript: only required if you graduated high school since you last applied to SPU and you have completed fewer than 45 college level quarter credits (30 semester credits).

Under Seattle Pacific's new Test Optional Admission 政策, students applying for the 2023 and 2024 academic years are now able to apply without providing SAT or ACT scores. See below for details, exceptions, and score reporting instructions.


不提供考试成绩而申请, please select “I do not want my SAT/ACT scores considered for admission” when completing your application to SPU.


Before you decide whether or not to submit test scores, please consider the following:

  • 虽然不是必需的, we recommend submitting test scores to be considered for our Distinguished Scholar Award and direct admission to any major in the 商学院,政府, 和经济学, 或者护理专业.
  • Test scores might also be useful to be considered for the In-State Matching Scholar Commitment. 学生必须得3分.7-3.99 GPA (unweighted) and test scores (SAT 1270+ or ACT 27+), or a 3.9-4.平均绩点(未加权)
  • 虽然入学不需要推荐信, we strongly recommend that students who choose not to submit test scores provide two recommendations (at least one academic).
  • Interviews are recommended but not required for students who choose not to submit test scores.
  • Students coming from schools that submit written evaluations instead of letter grades are required to submit a test score.
  • Although we do not require test scores to apply to the Honors Program, we strongly recommend them as a helpful measure of academic preparation.


除了上面列出的奖学金, test-optional students are fully considered for merit and need-based aid.


For students who wish to submit an official test score when applying, SPU将接受以下方式的成绩报告:

  • 由考试机构直接公布的官方成绩
  • Official scores listed on an official high school transcript
  • 官方成绩直接发邮件至 admissions@ahmedwageeh.com 来自学生的高中辅导员
  • 官方考试成绩的复印件通过电子邮件发送至 admissions@ahmedwageeh.com 来自学生


Seattle Pacific will superscore test results from the ACT or SAT. 这意味着如果你参加了一次以上的考试, we will combine your highest subsection scores from tests taken on different dates. We will also use your highest overall superscored tests between all tests taken for review. 如果你参加过多次考试, we strongly recommend you send all scores to SPU for review of your best overall test score. 好的赌博软件推荐不接受SAT科目成绩.


Ready to begin the application process but not sure if you’re a freshman or transfer applicant? 赌博十大靠谱软件.