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Area of Study Title
Minor Accounting Minor
Major Accounting (BA)
Minor Anthropology Minor: Biological Anthropology anthropology
Minor Anthropology Minor: Cultural Anthropology anthropology
Minor Anthropology Minor: Linguistics
Minor Apparel Design and Merchandising Minor
Major Apparel Design (BA) Fashion
Major Apparel Merchandising (BA) Fashion
Major Applied Human Biology (BS) Biomechanics
Major Applied Mathematics (BS) Actuarial Studies
Minor Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering Minor
Major Art: Emphasis in Studio Arts (BA)
Major Art: Emphasis in Photography (BA)
Major Art: Emphasis in Visual Arts (BA)
Major Art History and Visual Studies (BA)
Minor Art History and Visual Studies Minor
Minor Art Minor in Studio: 2-D Media
Minor Art Minor in Studio: 3-D Media Sculpture
Minor Art Minor in Studio: Digital Media
Minor Asian Studies Minor
Major Biochemistry (BS)
Minor Bioethics and Humanities Minor
Major Biology (BA)
Major Biology (BS)
Minor Biology Minor
Major Business Administration: Economics (BA)
Major Business Administration: Finance (BA)
Major Business Administration: General Track (BA)
Major Business Administration: Information Systems (BA)
Major Business Administration: International Business (BA)
Major Business Administration: Management (BA)
Major Business Administration: Marketing (BA)
Minor Business Administration Minor
Major Business Administration: Public Policy (BA)
Major Business Administration: Social Enterprise (BA)
Major Cellular and Molecular Biology (BS)
Major Chemistry (BA)
Minor Chemistry Minor
Minor Christian Discipleship Minor
Minor Christian Scripture Minor
Major Christian Theology (BA)
Minor Classics Minor World Civilizations
Minor Coaching Science Minor
Major Communication Studies (BA)
Minor Communication Minor
Major Computer Engineering (BS)
Minor Computer Engineering Minor
Major Computer Science (BA)
Major Computer Science (BS)
Minor Computer Science Minor
Minor Costume Design Minor
Minor Data Analytics Minor
Major Early Childhood Education with P-3 Certification (BA)
Major Early Childhood Education: No Certification (BA)
Major Ecology (BS) Environmental Studies
Major Economics: Business Analysis (BA)
Major Economics: Development Economics (BA)
Major Economics: Financial Economics (BA)
Major Economics: General Track (BA)
Minor Economics Minor
Major Economics: Public Policy (BA)
Minor Ecotheology Minor
Major Electrical Engineering (BS)
Minor Electrical Engineering Minor
Major Elementary Education
Major English: Creative Writing Concentration (BA)
Minor English Creative Writing Minor
Major English: Literature Concentration (BA)
Minor English Literature Minor
Minor English Professional Writing Minor
Minor Entrepreneurship Minor
Major Exercise Science (BS) Kinesiology
Minor Exercise Science Minor Kinesiology
Minor Film Studies Minor
Minor Food & Nutritional Sciences Minor Nutrition, Culinary Studies
Major Food & Nutritional Sciences: Food & Nutrition Emphasis (BS) Nutrition, Culinary Studies
Major Food & Nutritional Sciences: Sports & Exercise Emphasis (BS) Nutrition, Culinary Studies
Minor Francophone Studies Minor French
Major General Engineering (BS)
Major General Studies
Major Global Development Studies (BA) GDS, Poverty Studies, Non-Profit Studies
Minor Health and Fitness Minor
Major History: General Track (BA)
Major History: Museum Studies Track (BA)
Minor History Minor
Minor History: Museum Studies Minor
Major Honors Liberal Arts Major
Minor Honors Liberal Arts Minor
Major Illustration (BA) Painting, Figure Drawing, Motion Design
Minor Information Studies Minor: Art Emphasis
Minor 信息研究辅修:艺术史和视觉研究重点
Minor Information Studies Minor: Communication Emphasis
Minor Information Studies Minor: Computer Science Emphasis
Minor Information Studies Minor: General Emphasis
Minor Information Studies Minor: History Emphasis
Minor Information Studies Minor: Philosophy Emphasis
Minor Information Studies Minor: Political Science Emphasis
Minor Information Studies Minor: Theology Emphasis
Minor Information Studies Minor: Visual Communication Emphasis
Major Information Systems (BS)
Minor Interactive Computing & Art Minor
Major Journalism (BA) Journalism
Minor Journalism Minor
Minor Leadership Studies Minor
Major Life Science (BA)
Minor Linguistics and Cultural Studies Minor
Minor Math Minor
Major Mechanical Engineering
Minor Mechanical Engineering Minor
Minor Music and Worship Arts Minor
Major Music: Research (BA)
Major Music: Composition (BA)
Major Music: Performance (BA)
Major Music: Music Production (BA)
Minor Music Minor
Major Nursing (BS)
Major Nutrition and Dietetics (BS)
Program P-12 Health/Fitness Certification Requirements Education certification
Program P-12 Music Certification Requirements Education certification
Program P-12 Theater Certification Requirements Education certification
Program P-12 Visual Art Certification Requirements Education certification
Major Philosophy: General Track (BA)
Minor Philosophy Minor
Major Philosophy: Technical Track (BA)
Major Physics (BS)
Major Physics: General Emphasis (BA)
Minor Physics Minor
Major Physics with Education Focus (BA)
Major Physiology (BS)
Major Political Science: General Track (BA)
Major Political Science: International Affairs Track (BA)
Minor Political Science Minor
Major Political Science: Public Policy and Law Track (BA)
Major Politics, Philosophy & Economics: Applied Economics (BA)
Major Politics, Philosophy & Economics: Financial Economics (BA)
Major Politics, Philosophy & Economics: International Affairs (BA)
Major Politics, Philosophy & Economics: Law (BA)
Major Politics, Philosophy & Economics: Philosophy (BA)
Major Politics, Philosophy & Economics: Public Administration (BA)
Major Politics, Philosophy & Economics: Social Enterprise (BA)
Program Pre-Law
Program Pre-Professional Health Sciences Pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy, etc.
Major Professional Studies 应用科学-转移,技术学位,专业学位,文科
Major Psychology BA: Animal Behavior Track
Major Psychology BA: Clinical-Counseling Psychology Track
Major Psychology BA: Community Psychology & Behavioral Health Track
Major Psychology BA: Cross-Cultural Track
Major Psychology BA: Data Analytics Track
Major Psychology BA: Developmental Psychology Track
Major Psychology BA: Psychological Science Track
Major Psychology BA: Social-Personality Psychology Track
Major Psychology BA: Sports Psychology Track
Major Psychology BS: Animal Behavior Track
Major Psychology BS: Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience Track
Major Psychology BS: Psychological Science Track
Minor Psychology Minor
Program School of Education Certification Programs
Program Secondary Certification Secondary Education
Major Social Justice & Cultural Studies: Advanced Cultural Studies
Major Social Justice & Cultural Studies: Art for Social Change
Major Social Justice & Cultural Studies: Environmental Justice
Major Social Justice & Cultural Studies: Mediation, Peace, & Conflict
Major Social Justice & Cultural Studies: Pre-Law Human Rights&Policy
Major Sociology (BA)
Minor Sociology Minor
Minor Spanish Studies Minor
Major Special Education: Elementary Certification (BA)
Major Special Education: Secondary Certification (BA)
Major Special Education: Educational Ministry Emphasis (BA)
Major Special Education: Special Education Studies (BA)
Major Student-Designed Major
Major Teacher Certification
Minor Theatre Minor
Minor Theological Studies Minor Religious Studies
Minor Urban Studies Minor
Major Visual Arts (BA)
Major Visual Communication (BA) Graphic Design, Web Design
Minor Women’s Studies Minor
Minor Worship Arts Leadership Minor
Minor Youth Ministry Minor
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选择一个学习项目是一个重大的决定,需要一些探索. A good first step is to take a look at our degree programs, and see what options are available to you.

Empowering children and families

Empowering Children and Families


Exploring Big Ideas

Exploring Big Ideas


Promoting justice

Promoting Justice

了解不平等的模式和历史使赌博十大靠谱软件成为有勇气的公民, able to advocate for justice.

Protecting our planet

Protecting Our Planet

了解不平等的模式和历史使赌博十大靠谱软件成为有勇气的公民, able to advocate for justice.

Fostering health and wellness

Fostering Health and Wellness


Inspiring creativity in communities

Inspiring Creativity in Communities

We’re designed to create and to innovate, to bring beauty and thoughtful inspiration to those around us.

Innovating with technology

Innovating with Technology

Go ahead! 以今天的技术进步为基础,为明天创造创新和创造性的解决方案.

Educating for the future

Educating for the Future


Sharing stories that matter

Sharing Stories that Matter

We bring depth and perspective by crafting words, images, and data that share narratives to impact our world.

Building Business for Good

Building Business for Good

Together we learn how to make a profit, 即使赌博十大靠谱软件帮助改变世界,触及市场上的生活.

Learning and serving

Learning and Serving

Our unique model of scholarship, spiritual growth, 和服务培养了一个强大的社区学者和朋友深深致力于基督教信仰.

Thinking globally

Thinking Globally

当你在世界各地以独特的方式服务他人时,准备好带来信仰和希望吧. Look beyond the borders!

Healing through healthcare

Healing Through Healthcare


Engaging the world through STEM

Engaging the World Through STEM

You like science and technology? So do we! This is where you’ll learn, explore, discover, and create.

Creating your own path

Creating Your Own Path

Want to build your own academic program? Choose from two majors that will open new doors.

The heart of the SPU community is our faculty — their talent, scholarship, 对学生经历的承诺意味着你会像他们关心你一样感激他们. By teaching through the lens of Christian faith, 赌博十大靠谱软件的教师以挑战和滋养学生的方式将信仰和学习结合起来.

Professors at SPU

Whether you’re pursuing a degree in engineering or in English, 好的赌博软件推荐的教职员工知道如何将他们的知识和激情转化为一种将伴随你一生的变革性教育.


Classes taught by graduate assistants


Faculty with the highest degree possible in their field


Student-faculty ratio

General education

你将在大一的第一季度开始学习公共课程 University Colloquium, 在此期间,你学习和交谈一个有趣的问题或学术话题与教师,讲师和学生的同龄人.

在大一,你还将完成三门大学基础课程中的第一门. In these courses, you will:

  • Study and reflect on the Christian life, 赌博十大靠谱软件的信仰是如何形成的,生活在基督徒群体中意味着什么.
  • Study the Bible, 以及《赌博十大靠谱软件》和《赌博十大靠谱软件》的不同合集如何叙述上帝救赎的故事, reconciliation, and restoration of creation.
  • Learn about the doctrines 对基督徒很重要,以及它们影响基督徒思想和生活的方式.

Your first year is rounded out by our two academic inquiry and writing (WRI) seminar courses.

两个额外的核心课程,在你的大一之后,完成共同课程. 这些课程着眼于基督教信仰与当代社会和思想的交集.

  • UCOR 2000 — Explores how the modern global system was formed, 特别强调当今社会人类不平等的历史和模式.
  • UCOR 3000 -探索从科学和现代哲学中产生的基督教信仰的挑战性问题. 

The Exploratory Curriculum, drawing on the sciences, arts, and humanities, 为学生提供了探索不同学科如何理解世界的机会,并有机会将这些知识应用于重大社会问题.

Browse the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for full descriptions of these courses and many more.


从约旦的安曼到西班牙的巴塞罗那,SPU学生在那里学习的机会很大. We’re big on sending students all over the planet.

所以当你出国留学时,你会发现令人惊叹的地方(以及令人惊叹的人). 你将有机会在不同的文化中留下自己独特的印记, and return home changed for the better.

What’s different here? At SPU you’ll discover a deeper why. Whether you’re studying Spanish in Ecuador, film in Paris, or conflict in the Middle East, 作为SPU的一名学生,你加入了赌博十大靠谱软件“融入文化,改变世界”的使命.”

Three ways to travel abroad

SPU faculty-led programs

这些项目为学生提供了在世界各地学习SPU课程的机会, under the leadership of an SPU faculty member. 课程的长度各不相同,可能在常规季度进行,也可能作为短期的全球研讨会进行.

Partner programs

From Morocco to England, from studying French to mechanical engineering, 赌博十大靠谱软件的合作项目为想要在国外度过一个学期的SPU学生提供一系列不同的体验. 您将根据课程类型和地点支付SPU学费和适用的课程费用. 参加合作项目的学生有资格获得SPU助学金, scholarships, and state and federal aid.

Non-SPU programs

如果你没有看到一个教师主导的或合作伙伴的项目,满足你的需求, 你可以通过直接在认可的外国大学注册或通过海外学习组织参加一个项目.

Active Learning Classroom

Active Learning Classrooms

“科学与工程物理”在一个主动学习的教室里举行. “教室当然是一个支持性的部分,”物理学副教授Lane Seeley说. “But in the end, it’s really the people, the relationships, 社区内的互动是最大的不同.”

Learn more

Among the best

了解赌博十大靠谱软件的州和国家排名如何确认您将接受的世界一流教育. See details